Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Power Rangers Podcast Planning Is Underway!

               I can be clear about this, that I have officially started Power Rangers Time Force and I am excited to be underway. I have only finished 3 episodes but it is just the start of the season and I got time, I have 2.5 months to work on it and today I am going to work hard on getting episodes watched. I can be honest, I have a ton of free time right now and able to take more time and effort into this podcast. Now please listen to Thursdays Bonus episode as Larry and I are still discussing stuff and hope to have an idea. I know this season and Wild Force have 40 but I know the number starts going lower like 20 - 25 episodes a season so either way it won't take me as long to watch a season and take notes but I will get these done in 2 weeks at the most then I move into Wild Force. Now I know Thursday I will be talking about what is to happen to the podcast as you know there is a lot going on in the world with COVID-19 and I will get to that on next week's Bonus podcast as I have another podcast idea for this week. 

               However I think I am going to push the Power Rangers Podcast this week as it is time for a mini update and I was going to talk about the sports again but I did that in a previous week but this is so ongoing issue I am not sure if I will wait a week or even bring out 2 bonus podcasts to you guys or try and get them done this Thursday and the following Thursday. However I am currently underway with the Pre-Production side of things and hopefully next week I will have an update for you guys what Larry and I are thinking but Pre-Production stage is underway and usually takes a few months to prepare notes and get things in order. I will explain more as I get more information but right now it is in the early stages. I can say this in my final words for this post is that I am actually enjoying this season. I know the last season I had a hard time getting into but this time I am right into this season and enjoying what I have seen so far and plan to continue to watch more today like I said and just plain excited to get these two seasons done then move on to the next ones.


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