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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

What Books Would I Like To Read or Re-Read Again?

             Now I am sure I have never mentioned this on the blog before as I have hardly time for reading but with being in self isolation there are books I would like to try and read even in the evening as normally I am done here in the studio around 6 pm EST Tuesdays through Sundays with my Mondays I am off as that is usually the place of my visits with Eric but with this virus, we're confined to our own places. Anyways here are some books I'd consider reading or re-read again:

1) Autobiography of Bobby Orr: Well known hockey player who played with Boston and also my local Ontario Hockey League so I have that book on my shelf waiting for me to read.

2) Lord of The Rings: Now I did start reading the book and I got the entire books actually in one big book. I had a hard time when I was younger and now I want to get back into it and understand it. I think I definitely will understand it a lot better now then I did before.

3) Harry Potter: I want to get back into reading the books from start to finish and I want to read the latest book which is a script format I forget the actual name for that book but that is also in there but I want to re-read em as it has been a very long time since I read them all. 

              Those are the 3 books that is on my list and with my extra time and being in isolation here at home for the next however long I definitely got something to do besides games, TV and being in the studio non stop but I will be taking time to myself to actually read a few chapters a day and I really need to get myself back into reading and I know I will have a ton of time as I do not think we will be able to go anywhere for quite some time with this virus. So there is my list and gives me plenty of time and stuff to do over the course of time and I will let you guys know how that is progressing well.