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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Is Done? What's Next For The Website?

             OK, this is a really tough decision to make and honestly it is a tough decision I should of made sooner. What do I mean by this? I should gone through with my decision to stop Everything About Reality TV in December which that was the plan I had when I first announced the podcast was gonna end and I should of just gone through and done it. It is my own fault for not following through with what I said. I should of just done that from the start and this mess wouldn't have happened in the first place. Anyways, the plan moving forward for me in the way of podcasts? Well I plan on continuing Power Rangers Podcast that is going nowhere! Trust me I have a ton more time to work on the collabs and get more content for the website itself. I am going to start working on Time Force actually and get going for June because I want to push 3 recording sessions a year out if I can depending but there is another project in the works, however you guys have to wait a couple of days to find out what it is. I need more time with the preparation for it and it is starting sooner then you actually expect. Also collabs, I am going to try and collaborate with people.

              Now blog posts are not going anywhere anytime soon, they will continue on a daily basis till I start to run out of topics and ideas but I do not think I am remotely close to running out of ideas. Yes Larry still have privileges on the blog and always welcome to do a post from time to time and we still have the food review coming up, cough cough* Popeyes food review and I am sure you guys will see a review from him too even if he does it from the computer here in CBOTW Studios. I think I had the right idea with actually going on my own and that should of stayed as it is and just have guests on the podcasts nothing else. Oh by the way all the podcasts are still on the platforms for Everything About Reality TV, I haven't had a chance to have them removed from the platform but I may just leave em on so you guys can go back and listen to em, I'm not sure what I am doing with it but for now it is up there for now and no plans to remove em. However don't forget I have copies of the podcast on my external hard drive so I do not know if I will leave em on the platform. Finally I would like to say, I have gone back to solo and staying this way and more information on this new project is coming soon!