Sunday, April 8, 2018

RIP 000 Website Builder! | Plans For The Future!

            Well I think my website has finally come to it's last legs of existence as now I cannot edit whatsoever, nor post up the podcasts on there and I have had response from their staff and/or Mods, they are looking into it. If it is not corrected in a few days, I will be walking away from their platform and once I am able to edit, the website will be put into maintenance mode for good and will remain in maintenance mode until the domain expires. So I will be only using the blogger page for the meantime until I can get to another provider by the end of the year. 

              Honestly enough is enough, I have had nothing but problems for the past 3 years and I am honestly done with 000webhost and their  service. They use to be good at the start but honestly it has gone hill since they changed the entire CPanel and the website mail system was changed to a forwarding system, I am been very unsatisfied with them. Also noting they have down time too, their server hiccups, web builder problems the list is endless with the problems. I knew at the end of last year, I knew my domain was to expire after 3 years.

                So what is the plan for the website? I will be renewing the domain but will be going with Hostinger and got a plan already in tact and excited to truly rebuild the website from the ground up and start fresh and away from 000webhost. Once the domain is officially renewed, then the re-coding process is underway and trust me it will be worth the wait once the website is re-coded and it will be the same layout as before, I may modify a few things but we will see how it goes when the re-code goes, but for the most part the website will remain as it is in it's current state. But I got a few ideas to possibly changing the system for Everything About Reality TV but yet you guys do like the current system I got so I plan on leaving everything as it is. What I could do is get but then the website has to update on the back of my shirt, which I use as a advertising tool locally when I am out and about so that plan is kind of out the door. I am excited to talk about the future plans for the website finally. This website outage really started to make think of what I would like to do with the next version of my website. I am aiming to working on the site between December 2018 and aiming to launch the website on January 1st, 2019.


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