Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Everything About Reality TV/The CBOTW Show Podcast Revised Schedule (Week of Apr 8th, 2018)

               This week there are changes being made to the podcasts, due to my absence from the studio tomorrow as I am heading into Toronto for the day with Dave Gowans and I will be unavailable to do the recap for Survivor Ghost Island as I will be returning late back to the studio. So which means I have to shift this weeks schedule a tad to accommodate my absence. So without further ado here is my schedule for this week:

Today (Wednesday): Everything About Reality TV- Big Brother Canada 6- Week # 5 RECAP Podcast

Friday: 6 pm EST: The CBOTW Show- Music City CMT EP # 8 RECAP Podcast
             8 pm EST: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor Ghost Island EP # 7 RECAP Podcast

Saturday:  8 pm EST:  Everything About Reality TV- Big Brother Canada 6- Week # 6 RECAP Podcast

              There is my timetable for this week and I will be keeping up with the schedule! I am planned on watching Big Brother Canada 6 from last week, recording last week recap, post it up then watch Music City and record it before bed, then that part of it is done and all I gotta do is watch Survivor tomorrow morning or Friday, record it Friday morning and Friday's content is done and ready to go! Boom! 2 down 1 to go for Saturday! Once Saturday is done, I'm clear of being behind schedule. That is my golden plan to get caught up this week and the temporary change as I said at the start of this post, I am out of town in Toronto with Dave Gowans for the day. Next week will be back to normal scheduled programming, well without The CBOTW Show as it goes on Hiatus since Music City Wraps Up This week!


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