Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sticking To My Gut Feelings On Things!

                 I am inner twining all this website problems, into this post today. What do I mean? Well I know 000webhost Moderators on their forums are trying to keep me as long as they can but sometimes you gotta go with you gut feelings and that is exactly what I did with this entire 000webhost situation this week is figuring this has been nothing but a headache with problems with 000webhost and my internet, it is time to move away to another website platform and move to the permanent website by early 2019, so hence I am now on this blogger page till end of the year and the Audio ONLY Platforms for the podcast until I am able to move the website over to the new provider and get the ball rolling again. 

                 I know I have been questioned by my fan base and couple of the moderators of the Facebook Page but that's OK, they are wondering what is going on with the website and I made it clear on the video I posted up yesterday or the day before that I have taken the website offline till 2019 and this blogger page will continue to run as the main page for the time being and trust me isn't dead yet! It is making it's triumphed return in 2019. This website will be bigger and better then before. Like the lyrics of Power Rangers Zeo: "Stronger The Before...." Am I excited? Of course! I told you this year was the year for Chris B On The Web and so far it has been! from a potential interview to the birth of The CBOTW Show and the start of recapping Music City CMT this year has been fenomial so far and I'm far from being done with this year all together. 

                  What about Autism Celebration 2018? What will you advertise I will be talking about that on tomorrow's blog post the future of and what is to be happening to the website and the rough timeline. But nothing will change my mind on this decision, it is a business decision to temporarily step away from this website and I gotta think what is best for me at this point of time and walking away from running the website for now is what I need to do in order to figure out the next move that is coming and like I have said many times this year, I am moving the website to it's new and permanent provider within a month and hopefully it will be ready by Christmas or January 1st, 2019 which is my actual aim date but again I will talk about that on tomorrow's blog post. But yes I am sticking to my gut to what I think i right and I have absolutely no regrets on my decision. Either way you guys are getting the CONTENT, YOU GUYS want to see!


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