Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Skype or Discord? Which One Is Better? (A Bit of a Skype Rant)

             I hate to even make this blog post as last night was the last straw with Skype and I am entirely sick of the platform all together. There are a bunch of reasons why I have decided to walk away from Skype all together and here is why:

             1) The lag has become very unbearable on my PC especially and my PC was fine when I first got it back from being reformatted. Skype has been a pain in the rear since the day Microsoft have taken over.

              2) Skype dropping calls, between both Larry and I. Him and I Skyped every few weeks, sometimes more often then usual but it is annoying in mid call with him and the darn thing drops in the midst of a conversation with him. 

              3) The next thing is the quality of the call both Video and Audio, the video he looks distorted or the walls turn into a red color minus him which is a bit odd for me but it seems to be a bit of a pain to put up with. Also the audio quality, well sometimes sounds like a freaking robot on the end but it could be Larry's end but other calls seem fine to me.

                 Now Discord, it doesn't lag for me, the quality is good and it is more of a slicker type of program to use, it doesn't have bad quality, the quality of audio and video is good and you can hear loud and clear and no robot unless you end up with a bad internet connection... Which is well know if you're a Rogers Internet user like I am... Then that would be the cause. So which one would I chose between the two unless I find another good program? Discord, I like the style, the look of it, the lag is 0 so that is one of the reasons. What I also like about it now they got video chat on there then they did before when I first joined in 2016. I rather use Discord over Skype any day and I have been meaning to leave the platform over the last couple of years since they changed over the ownership of the App. 


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