Friday, April 20, 2018

Do I Believe In Ghosts?

              Do I believe in Ghosts? At first I didn't but with the recent events in this household, well I think at this point, I think I do believe in Ghosts and think what could be causing these odd occurrences here in the studio or the house in general and I will be talking about that as I move on in this blog post today.

              The first occurrence that I have is something hitting the side desk here in the studio and I am the only one in the studio and mind you this was overnight and was one of the sleepless nights I have had and I was still up and moving around in the studio or sitting in the chair in my studio on my PC here. The next occurrence is I was in the kitchen and I heard a explosion of glass in the cupboard and yes the door flung open a tad but it ended up closing once again. Yes we were thinking about it could of had a weakness in the glass but I am thinking a ghost was involved. 

              What am I thinking what spirit did this? Well I have my theories it could of been either been my friend Sue or my Late Aunt Margaret who has passed away. It is like they are trying to tell me something or pulling a practical joke on my parents and I. Sometimes it feels like someone is putting hand on my shoulder from time to time but once again there is nobody around me so I am pretty much sure it could be a ghost but I have to realize this house is 40 something years old it will have it's creaks and groans these days. However I still think it is a ghost or some kind of paranormal activity and I wanna stand by my theory it is a ghost because honestly, 2 different things happen on 2 different days, I still think it was a spirit in this house, it is like a sign being given to me but you never know.


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