Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Website Announcement!

             I know you guys been waiting and waiting for this announcement but here it is! For those who didn't see my Facebook Group, Twitter & Instagram, well ChrisBOnTheWeb.com is COMING Back! That's right after trying to find another web builder to put the website on with the domain I already had since 000webhost failed me for the very last time after having problems and issues with them for the past 3 years now, I decided it was time to move on from 000webhost.  So many days went by as you know the original plan was to stick to this page, the blogger page that is but I dug hard and deep and finally found a provider that works this time around. Least now with this new provider, this site will not be sleeping for 1 hour a day, which means the website is now running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! No strings attached! 

              Also what is great about switch of providers is having my own email within ChrisBOnTheWeb.com which is chris@chrisbontheweb.com if you would like to reach out to me which is awesome no more using 3rd parties for the emails anymore, well minus my own personal email but I mean professionally, I have the .com email and I prefer this as a professional email system. I have already notified people who have contacted me in the past that this is my new email and any further emails can be sent through that one. I rather have a more professional email then what I had, the yahoo email for the longest time since 000webhost got rid of the email system they had. 

              Finally on today's post, I think my limitations are as limited to what I had before but this is a new start for me and I am proud to be where I am and knowing I do not have to pay for both the domain and the web builder by using the free builder site and only paying for the domain, so the provider I am with for my domain, I am more then likely going to be using them, renewing ChrisBOnTheWeb.com domain for another 3 amazing years with them. How long will the site will take to build it? Could take 2 weeks, it could take 3 weeks, depending how long it takes for me to rebuild it. I rather take my time with building it then rushing with the entire website and it is a half functional website.
Have a great day! 


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