Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Binding of Isaac: REBIRTH First Impressions!

                 So Sunday, December 31st, 2017, I got 100 dollars on my steam wallet and bought tons of games, Bomber Squad, Need For Speed Pursuit, The Binding of Isaac Re-Birth, Player Grounds Unknown also know as PUBG to most of the gaming community and The Walking Dead. Now today I am primarily focusing on The Binding of Isaac: Re-Birth and what my first impressions are of the game as I played it for the very first time ever. 

                  First I had a problem trying to shoot out the gumball shots as I call it, and on the vanilla Isaac, I can use the mouse, but however on the second one, you have to pretty much use the arrows to shoot, but as I got use to it, I found it more accurate to the targets and made me think, hey I think I am going to use the method as I finish up vanilla Isaac and Platinum God the game before moving onto Re-Birth. Hope this new find on this game will help me complete the game at a quicker but more accurate pace from here on out.

                   The next point I would like to make is there are new characters in this game, I am introduced to such as Dingle which can be a tricky little bugger at times but learning how to deal with him. Also Gurdy Jr. has changed quite a lot from the first Binding of Isaac. Also there is our personal favorites like Monstro, Monstro II, The Duke of Flies, Larry Jr and so forth. 

                     The third and final point I would like to make on this blog is the graphics are totally different darker, but as you move there's a light around you but also there is twinkles around and bigger rooms are now available as well which makes it a bit more challenging but you also get more enemies to kill on the game as well. The game also introduces a black heart which I got no clue what it does still but in time I will learn what it's for and what it does. In one day, I got to Mom in one day which is a new record which means, my Isaac skills are strong to quite strong and getting stronger day by day. In conclusion I'd definitely give this game a 10/10 as I fell in love with the game right off the bat soon as I got right into the game. 


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