Monday, July 22, 2019

Arby's- Kingston Ontario Food Review

             First of all I have to say, I am sure you guys are enjoying these food reviews and today I am doing the first stop we made on the Boston trip out in Kingston, Ontario. As you know by the actual posts I made about the trip, we stopped there for Lunch and we stopped at Arby's and I had chicken sandwich which had Tomatoes and lettuce on it and it was really good! For someone that has never had Arby's it was worth trying! The chicken was so crispy and really good with the tomatoes and lettuce on it which I never tried lettuce with tomato on a Chicken sandwich but all worth it. Probably when I have chicken on a wrap, I'd more then definitely have tomatoes on it again. Soft bun on this sandwich as well which is always good. There was no sauce or anything but with the lettuce and also the tomatoes it gave it's flavor which was good. Chicken was cooked perfectly, not raw nothing. Now I would give this a 5 out of 5 and was one of the 4 or 5 that had a great review compare to some of the ones I did do. Service was really good, the girl who served me was super nice, friendly and made going to Arby's a breeze to get what I ordered.

                 Now would I go back to Arby's again in the future? Of course I would! I would definitely end up trying the Roast Beef as that is one of the items there that is very well know at Arby's next time I happen to eat at a Arby's as it is tough to go to one as there is only 1 here and 1 west of here by 20 minutes by car technically so it is hard to go to Arby's now and then as we do not have many in the area but when we get the chance then yes I would have it again. Overall it was a great experience and a great start to the holiday. The next review is Wednesday morning and it will be Cheers review, then again Friday with the final food review on the trip which wasn't ending the trip on a high note it will be like my worst food review as trust me I will not be holding back how I really feel about that. That is pretty much what is on tap in the way of food reviews and I am sure I will have some more in August with the Rib Fest if I decide to go this year and trust me I want to go to Rib Fest as an addition to it all.


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