Saturday, June 29, 2019

Might Start Working On Power Rangers Podcast!

          Hoping this weekend to start working on the next Power Rangers Podcast, however was thinking about waiting till I get back actually. I will have a ton more time with it honestly when I am back from holidays. I think right now I am definitely in vacation/holiday mode right now but I can get the episodes knocked out within a week or two so I could be done so either way I will be done before even September starts or even at the start of September which I plan to transition into the next one right away as I am trying to see if I am able to schedule a January session as right now the question is open with a 3rd season of Celebrity Big Brother and a good friend of mine say its not going to happen. However I am still also waiting for the renewal of Music City, however I will be ready one way or another be ready for the next Collaboration podcast recording one way or another so it is good I want to be ahead of the game. Also if it is isn't in the New Year, it can be just after the Finale of Big Brother Canada 8 and maybe even a July recording but I cannot Jump too fast and expect 3 but only way 3 could happen if we do indeed be a 3 episode recording but I shouldn't jump to conclusions yet as it is still early and we still have to get through the October recording first.

          Either way I am excited to be working on the next Power Rangers Podcast and getting the ball rolling with the next one and I know Larry who is my Co-Host of this collaboration is eager for the next one. It is a long wait between the episodes but it is worth the wait with the episodes and Larry knows the schedule with "Everything About Reality TV" can be busy at times, especially when there is 3 podcasts a week which is very crazy at times especially this year was an experience and a half honestly and was a very stressful but interesting experiment honestly as you all know I did Big Brother Canada podcasts twice a week plus Survivor and adding on The Amazing Race that is why I was really tight for time when it came to the June 2nd recording with Larry but I got it done and ready for the next step on things and i have 3 months from now to get it done and done on time for once or even ahead a tad bit. Announcement for the recording session will be announced once it is booked and once the recording is done then I will also announce the release schedule as well.


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