Monday, June 17, 2019

Video Games Updates

           Today post I want to update you guys on the video games I am currently still on. Now I am playing a game I haven't touched in a very long time honestly. The game I am referring to is Minecraft. Yes I went back to my old world to start dismantling the house which was the first thing I dismantled but what I did was gut it entirely, removed the windows and the roof and it was an open concept. Then the garden center was taken down and moved under water which mind you it was tough due to build but built the garden center first and moved all that to a smaller garden center. The after that I dug out where the garden center to put in foundation for the football stadium. So then I built up the structure by moving the wall over towards the end of the one end so it looked like the actual wall of the former house as the original house as part of the house, 2 walls remained in tact to become part of the stadium as displayed in the picture above. Then the barn came down as I transferred the animals elsewhere took the roof and tore the walls and floor out gutted the floor first. Also spawner is gone too so I can make room for the stadium. Right now I am digging out the ground where the spawner and barn was to put in foundation.

                Now with Isaac, I have been mainly focused on Minecraft recently but when I do play it, I do very well on it. I have been to the Mom fight at the very end and the heart but yet I ended up dying in the end which is not good honestly but getting closer and closer to finishing up the challenge with the spider challenge or whatever it is called and one of these days I will end up winning and it will indeed be a happy day when I beat it finally. Now finally on the list as there is currently 3 games I am playing which I have now mentioned on here but the last game I would like to mention is The Messenger. Right now I am currently stuck on the game at a certain point and honestly I have put the game on the wayside for now and not played it much recently. Those are the 3 games I have played and honorable mention that I started to play Starcraft again but that was put to the way side as well but it is fun to play again for old time sake and will get back to it eventually.  


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