Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Binding of Isaac & The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Progress Report

               So for those who are wondering with the progress on both The Binding of Isaac and also The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, that is what today's blog post is about. I want to update you all on the progress of the website and how far I have gotten within the game. Some is positive notes some, not so much but that's OK. It does take time and sometimes I got time, sometimes, I don't have much time, depends on my busy schedule. 

                I want to start with The Binding of Isaac, the OG, the Vanilla Isaac which I have been trying to beat for a couple of years but it has been a long process, however, I am getting better and better when I got time to play the game or pull it on my screen. It does take some time and I am definitely starting to fear battling Satan or the devil w.e it is called but I have already battled him once and did quite well until I ended up dying in the game...  So I am close to the end game but as long as I continue to keep on fighting through the challenges, I will be able to complete and Platinum God Vanilla Isaac!

                  The next Isaac is The Binding of Isaac Rebirth. Now recently I have played the game quite often enough in the past 2 weeks and have completed challenges like crazy like I am an expert at the game. Now mind you I just started Rebirth and rather get Vanilla Isaac done first before I start anything but it is nice to switch on over to Rebirth for a change of pace from time to time. I like how Isaac Rebirth is different from the original Isaac. It is a learning curve playing Rebirth but I seem to be getting better as I keep on playing the game on my spare time. 

                    What is my plan moving forward? I am planning to complete Vanilla Isaac first before I go back into Rebirth, I wanna complete the challenges and unlock all the items and like I said about is get Platinum God which is 100% the entire game which is my ultimate goal, despite it's taken me years to get to a certain point. I have played 920 hours of Isaac and am at 44% completed so I am almost at the half way point. As for Rebirth, I am currently at 10% completed... LOL. Not as much for Rebirth, I have clocked 44 hours in total for that. So yes Vanilla Isaac is the goal for now but here and there, I will put on Rebirth. That is the progress report on the video game as of right now.


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