Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Future Plans of Announcement

            Here is the announcement for the future of and what I have planned with the website in the very nearby future of it returning up to the final months before the domain expires and I make that more permanent move the permanent provider for here on out with the future. 

             As you know I have been with 000webhost from the get go and moving to that other provider and as you know I got suspended for no specific reason and here is the actual plan of attack from here on out. I am moving back to 000webhost as it has proved to be fine for me even with the 1 hour sleep a night until I can move to the more permanent home at the end of this year. I know you guys already probably figured out by now I sometimes despise the provider but beggars cannot be choosers and I just gotta deal with it till end of the year, so it is what it is. what it is, I gotta get use to it from here on out and deal with it till the move in 2019 to the more stable provider. So yes the website is coming back in due time between now and the end of the year till it is time to make the big move over to another platform and I will be talking to my current provider to how long till the domain will be available to re use under a different provider. That is on my plan of attack with the website and I appreciate your patience over the last 2 months of no website but glad you guys are keeping up with the blogs on the blogger page and the respected podcasts pages for both Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show. 

               Give me about a month to a month and a half to re-build the website do a Closed BETA Test then I am going to launch and just going to fix any issues as we go along. With the move back to 000webhost, it means, the doesn't exist no longer so the email you guys can contact me on is which I kept opened in case something like this ever happened and was the best move I ever made with not deleting the email. Once the website is back up and running, hopefully it doesn't become a problem again, but I know I can rely on 000webhost from here till the move over to the more permanent home. 


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