Monday, June 4, 2018

Everything About Reality TV Scheduling for Season 7 (Summer 2018)

           Today's blog post is about Everything About Reality TV Podcast and it's 7th season of covering Reality TV. I have two shows scheduled for the season and it will actually be split apart by a day so I should be able to keep this schedule this time around. I think I may have not scheduled Season 6 properly but that's OK and not what this post is about.  So with the past season now behind me, I have come to realization that 8 pm EDT did not work out very well. So with that I am planning to release things 1 hour ahead of time and here is the timetable I will be following 2 times a week:

Wednesdays @ 9 pm EDT: Amazing Race Canada 6 RECAP

Fridays @ 9 pm EDT: Big Brother US 20 RECAP

            There you have it, there is the schedule for Season 7, very simple and easy schedule to actually follow this time around and I am very much excited to be bringing you the 7th season of this podcast. Feels like it was only yesterday when this all began on the Audio ONLY but it has grown tremendously over the last year and a half on Audio ONLY. Just think, two and a half years ago, this all stemmed from YouTube podcast back in 2015, almost 3 years ago excuse me. Within the last year and a half with this podcast has indeed been a huge success and I have gain a bunch of listeners and fans from this podcast. I am forever grateful for your love and support of the podcast and appreciate each and everyone of you whom have been tuning in in the past almost 3 years of it being on the air regardless if it was on YouTube or Audio ONLY Platform. You guys are what drives this podcast to it's success each and every week!  Hope you enjoy this season of Amazing Race Canada and Big Brother US 20 and the recaps that I also do for you guys.


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