Monday, June 11, 2018

Oshawa Peony Festival 2018

             Yesterday I went to a festival that I haven't been to before and I have lived in the city my entire life that I have been on this earth but I got to go today as it was something different to do honestly and I really was planning to work in my studio most of today anyways and I managed to get some work done but not too much work, I went on a lighter load with it being Sunday. I knew this festival would be only about an hour out and about and it was a nice break for me as a Content Creator and I get away from all the stress of getting the content you guys want out. We all need a break here and there.

               So this festival took place at one of the arena's locally, which is only used now for ball hockey. There was both inside and outside, they had judging inside the arena on who grew the best Peony. Also they had Bonsai Plants which I didn't really know much about till today and I didn't know about some of the plants as well. As for the Peony's just obviously so beautiful to see. Had pink, red, purple, yellow, white Peony's, just so beautiful to see and smelled really nice as well. There were local businesses there as well such as the Local Gallery, Smokes Routine and etc. It was actually was quite busy there so it was a great turnout for the festival and I am happy to see people there and enjoying the beautiful weather that came with this event as well. I truly had a good time even if it was for a short time and it was an outing away from the studio here and break for me as well.


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