Friday, June 15, 2018

I'm Back! | Driving Range | Food Truck Friday Event

            Today's blog will be a three part post, the top part just an idea where I've been.  I know it has been 3 days without me present here on the blog but I haven't gone far, just been busy knocking out watching Power Rangers for the past 3 days and trust me, I want to be ready a week Sunday as I am recording my first of 3 podcasts with Larry and hopefully a special guest in the studio as well to join us. On top of all that, been finishing up some off season podcast things for Everything About Reality TV. As you all know by my social media, I went on a cruise this week up the river up on the lift locks which I will be doing a post about on tomorrow's blog post since I will be not available later on during the day as I am doing a father and sons thing for Father's Day a day early but I will be nearby the studio and will have a Fathers Day blog post in the morning posted up to talk about what I have done for Father's Day. It will actually be a two part post, one Sunday, One Monday.  Other then that, just been busy around the studio and hardly went out this week, stayed in between Tuesday and Today and was at the Food Truck Friday event in Bowmanville.

           Which brings me to the second part of today's blog which is I went to the Bowmanville Food Truck Friday event which happens each and every year the Friday, 2 days before Father's Day and my dad and I go each and every year to it and try something new and trust me this year it was different for me. This year I tried dumplings for the very first time ever in my life and it was actually sweet and sour chicken dumplings smothered in Scallions. I didn't know that they are like an onion but not as strong as an onion is.  I enjoyed it and it hit the spot.

            The reason I say it hit the spot, I just got off the driving Range for the first time and I know what you all are going to say, what about my poor back? Well it did at the start but I actually am feeling great at this time as it didn't really affect my back whatsoever, just at the very start of it but hitting some golf balls actually help stretch out those muscles that are giving me a problem right now.  I will be going back on the range and hopefully also the actual course as well, so there is a lot of plans to continue to golf.


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