Monday, August 13, 2018

Late Podcasts Are Getting Lesser and Lesser!

                I have to make this post to why the podcast and first of all I apologize profusely as I have been either busy with other Chris B On The Web projects or the family as I mentioned on Social Media I spent 2 days with my niece and nephew but tried to get it done but I kept on having bad timing and I will get into that shortly. I feel bad and down when I do not get the podcast out on schedule and I wanna be on schedule and I need to learn to put whatever I am doing and putting it to the side and I can do that as you know I'm working on the ailing and trying to fix whatever the problem is and I will talk about that on tomorrow's blog post what is changing, etc.  I really wanna improve the scheduling and honestly I have been on schedule majority of the season which is good and much better but still room for improvement but slowly but surely it has gotten better, even without the website operational. 

                I haven't given up and I think with the scheduling, I have to record in the morning time when I am fresh and raring to go. But I also want to start utilizing the calendar I have added in the recording session for this Wednesday morning so this way I have time to record and start editing the episode which doesn't take long to edit as I am now a pro at editing the podcast. The worry is I will forget to upload ahead of time to this way it processes to all the platforms so that is the only concern I have but if I upload it exactly at 7 pm EST, it gives it a 2 hour window to go up, so if I can keep to that timetable, then I will be good to go. I am not worried at all, don't you worry. I have my priorities what comes first from day to day. For example blog only days, that comes first before my website, for blog & podcast day blog first then the podcast if that makes sense to you guys. But I think I got more control over the content and I think at least 2 or 3 times I fessed up with not being on schedule, so not bad compare to back in the spring or last year. I am slowly but surely hopefully this will continue to stay on schedule...


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