Sunday, August 26, 2018

Volunteered With Kars On King!

             There was a lot of reasons why I was absent from social media on Friday. I was volunteering my time at Kars on King, a local car show in the downtown core of the city I live in. Anyways it was a fun experience and got to meet so many new people which I think I truly do need to do that, meet new people and I think new friends is great to have. I obviously missed the training session due to mother nature deciding to pour rain on us and only way at the time was by bus at the moment. Anyways, I was filled in yesterday and my job was simple to be at one of the intersections letting the older cars in at the start and out as well. So many amazing cars I saw up in my end where I was posted for the entire shift and event. I also got to interact with the owners of the cars and was really cool. I was talking to an owner of a Mustang so amazing how powerful the engine was on the car. My dad even told me there was a Edsel car, the same one that always went to the Bowmanville but I was not in the right area for it but that's OK, I really did enjoy myself during the event. 

               Yes it was physical work moving the pylons back and forth but I am strong enough to pull em back and forth. I had a few complaints but it happens and I did a great job dealing with the situations. I also got to meet new people and by the end of the night, I ended up getting a new friend which really made me happy to meet new people and actually have a new friend which was so great. I also got to learn the radio (walkie talkies) terms and I actually problem solved during the event as we had a mishap with the radio as we were ended up on the wrong channel for at least 2 hours as it was really silent but we figured out it was on the wrong channel at the time. Also we problem solved with an oil spill and I ran back to the volunteer station to get pylons so I practiced safety measures and my motto is the patrons safety is our # 1 priority and we put the pylons by the spill this way people knew to go around the spill. The night went great and I think everything went smoothly and was an experience I will never forget and yes I'd consider doing it again next year. 


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