Friday, August 24, 2018

The Day I Started On Audio ONLY Podcasts (Flashback Friday's)

            As I am getting closer and closer to the 2 year mark since I started my podcast adventure started on the Audio ONLY and I can say it has been quite the adventure since the Audio ONLY started. As you know "Everything About Reality TV" started as a YouTube Podcast and moved to Audio ONLY almost 2 years ago. Now I was new to the whole Audio ONLY aspect and at the start my quality of my intros were terrible. I was distorting on and off in the first 2 seasons. Especially the intro theme you hear now was distorting but I think I got that all under control now and fixed. I also use to say a lot of umm's in the podcast but I have gotten so much better of not saying, umm so much so that is an improvement from when I started almost 2 years ago. 

               Now with the platforms, I started out with Mixcloud, a site I didn't last too long on as I wasn't getting the amount of views I do now. That is when I moved all the podcasts to which you now see to this very day. Then I followed suit with, then which the folks there have been so great with me when I have to update stuff with my page. Then I did depart from Stitcher due to some technical issues. I added in ITunes, Player FM and the rest were history. More and more platforms carried my podcast on their website which I am not complaining, it is great to see my podcast out there and it has grown greatly in the past 2 years and loving every moment. 

                I think, now my quality of my podcast has gotten better and as you noticed, once in a blue moon, Larry joins me in studio for a podcast which is great and I love having guests and would like to have more and more guests on the podcast in the nearby future and you never know who will appear on the podcast as I am getting more and more requests to appear on the podcast, which means the podcast is indeed growing as time goes by and I am excited for the future of the podcast and what it is to bring in the very near future of this journey as a podcaster.


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