Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Everything About Reality TV Intro Changes

                I need to re-iterate this but I am working on this weekend the intro being re done since the switch to thecbotw.blogspot.com until the website is back on the .com in early 2019 under the blogger page, so that kind of does complicates things for me and also the podcast to not have a website being the host and provider of the podcast as it has been since 2015 when it first started out on YouTube at the time. Why the ramble Chris? Well I need to be straight out and honest with you guys that as of right now, the podcast is now at this point of time independent, on it's own due to the fact the .com isn't operational at the moment so the branding you hear at the start of the podcast will be changing over the next day or so it fits CBOTW and the current page I have which is this page in particular for this current time until the domain does indeed expire towards the end of this year.

                 Not to worry, the podcast isn't going anywhere, just facing the facts that CBOTW is indeed in a bit of trouble since the website going down and right now, I do not know the future of having a .com website at this point as it has been nothing but a problem but it is not the website domain, it was the web builder I was with that was the problem for the past 4 years and quite the headache for me. I still have a headache from the stress of running CBOTW. At this point I feel like I have ended up running it into the ground and it is all my fault for ever trusting 000webhost as a web builder service, so I should of known better when I first bought www.chrisbontheweb.com and now the domain itself sits abandoned on no service, nothing... Just an unused domain which I feel at this point I wasted money on this domain for the past 3 years of this contract with my provider... So frustrating.... 

                 So the podcast all together is separated from CBOTW for now and down the road when and if I do plan on doing a .com or renewing the domain again under this website, under the blog page, I cannot give you an answer at this point of time as I am right now so confused where I am going to go within the new year. I thought things were going smoothly but again I was so blind to actually trust the web builder I had and consider them a trust worthy service. I mean from the start, I never really got along with the staff there. They banned me from their fan page for no apparent reason when I asked for help. I think I was not suited there. I at this point of time have to do what I have to do with my podcast and just deal with it for a few more months before making the bigger decision.. What's the decision? You will see in due time. 


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