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Monday, August 28, 2023

Auto Fest 2023


           What a weekend it has been! Been to two events over the span of 2 days on the weekend. First Fridays Kars on King which I covered and blogged about Saturday morning and yesterday's Auto Fest down at the lake yesterday. I couldn't honestly believe how many cars there was at the event. It would take us hours to go through every car there and nothing wrong with that really. We had no plan when it came to looking at the cars. We didn't look at every single but spent an hour and a half down there, was truly a lot of fun.

            We grabbed a hot dog/sausage and drink was great little treat for us both and cannot go wrong with one from a little BBQ stand there. Music was great and had the funniest oldie they played called "Beep, Beep!" I know it sounds funny for a name but they were known for the silly songs back in the 50's and 60's which is great. I could even do a blog about my favourite silly oldies songs. I really enjoyed this event and fortunate to have gone again 2 years in a row and as long COVID doesn't end up us with restrictions I will continue to go to the events no matter what. Anyways that will do it for today's post as always I will talk to you all tomorrow!




Monday, August 9, 2021

Old 1937 Steam Freighter Now A Barge

                 The title does not lie, there is or was by the time this post comes out and I will see if it's going to still be there or leaving for the next town over but I did check and not sure when its suppose to be leaving technically. Either way but this barge called St. Mary's Conquest and you can put it into your own  and see but I will educate you on the boat. It was a Steam Ship which is how it original ran but the stacks were removed and I believe the steam powered engines never ran again as it didn't say they removed em just the stacks so they still have it but it is just not used anymore. It was built in 1937 which is few year prior to World War 2 broke out when it was built so that makes the boat 84 years old. 

                  Now it is powered by a tug boat that pushes it from the back. The  former steamer is now considered a barge but it is awesome that it is still in operation 84 years and the fact I got to see a really old ship from back then in person come in and yes that picture you see above is a picture of it coming in and I took this with my Fuji Camera from a distance and I apologize for the not so great quality but it was quite cloudy and trying to get the ISO on my camera as best as I can with a storm on it's way which we dodged at the end as it started to rumble as we got in the door. As you can see in the last picture there was another boat that came in the Jamnos from the Bahamas that came in earlier in the day. Was a very production afternoon and glad to get done there to see a former steamer, now a barge.


Friday, May 21, 2021

My Lake Visit- June 2021


Yesterday I had the pleasure of being down at the lake for half an hour of my time as you can see on the left side is a boat, the Isabelle G which more then likely I have mentioned in a post on here and if I remember correctly this freighter was green and red at one point not dark blue and red or black and red so it must of been painted over since last year as I remember it was Green last year so must of changed locations which her home port is now in Portugal which I had a friend who went there and believe she was from there originally.

Now there was one other boat down there which is from here technically but originated from from across the pond from here but is now here and believe her home port is Toronto. NACC Argonaut which is similar to NACC Quebec as both are Cement carriers so they have the same setup except one is from here and the other is from Quebec. Now the last part I wanna add to this post is the mugginess made it hard to see out into the lake which is why it made these pictures even more spectacular and the reason these turned out well. We went out on the pier and nice to see a few people out but yes we were at a distance. There is my post for today, please note for yesterday's absence of the blog, I will be making it up with a post tomorrow on the blog which has already been written as I am off this weekend for the first time in a long time. 


Monday, August 27, 2018

Auto Fest 2018

               I got a chance to actually see cars down at the Lake for $12 which is a fair admission price and I wasn't feeling like going to the event as I have been struggling the last couple of days since Kars on King as I have not felt well, tired, no energy whatsoever. Still have very little energy since Friday. Still trying to recover but I'll be fine in time, I think I am doing better this morning then I have been since a few days ago. So we went late in the morning and spent a good 3 hours at the Auto Fest with my dad. There was so much to see and do there including some amazing cars like Bel Airs, Corvettes, Camaro's, Mustangs and the list goes on and on. There was a few cars I was over the moon thrilled to see, the Mr Bean Car (Austin Mini), also a Cadillac Car & finally the Edsel car were some of my favorites cars to see but trust me, I have a ton of my favorite types of cars. There was a bunch of El Caminos as well which are half cars and half truck if that makes any sense to you guys at all. 

               There was not just cars but also vendors were there and within all the booths there they had exotic animals there, like Tortoises which one got free from the pen and wondering around the path way which was quite funny to see and it wouldn't go far as Tortoises are slow moving, so it wouldn't get too far. Also they had a Anaconda snake, ferret, Boa Constrictor & also an Python which was massive in size just like the Anaconda that we saw as well too. The cars went on and on and on, there were so many different cars to see and I highly recommend it as you will be spending a couple of hours down there but totally worth the time and money's worth to go and see!