Monday, August 9, 2021

Old 1937 Steam Freighter Now A Barge

                 The title does not lie, there is or was by the time this post comes out and I will see if it's going to still be there or leaving for the next town over but I did check and not sure when its suppose to be leaving technically. Either way but this barge called St. Mary's Conquest and you can put it into your own  and see but I will educate you on the boat. It was a Steam Ship which is how it original ran but the stacks were removed and I believe the steam powered engines never ran again as it didn't say they removed em just the stacks so they still have it but it is just not used anymore. It was built in 1937 which is few year prior to World War 2 broke out when it was built so that makes the boat 84 years old. 

                  Now it is powered by a tug boat that pushes it from the back. The  former steamer is now considered a barge but it is awesome that it is still in operation 84 years and the fact I got to see a really old ship from back then in person come in and yes that picture you see above is a picture of it coming in and I took this with my Fuji Camera from a distance and I apologize for the not so great quality but it was quite cloudy and trying to get the ISO on my camera as best as I can with a storm on it's way which we dodged at the end as it started to rumble as we got in the door. As you can see in the last picture there was another boat that came in the Jamnos from the Bahamas that came in earlier in the day. Was a very production afternoon and glad to get done there to see a former steamer, now a barge.


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