Saturday, November 3, 2018

What Was The Big Brother Canada Live Eviction Like?

            I never really talked about this ever and I have been very quiet over it but what is the Big Brother Canada Live Eviction like? It is totally different from watching it on TV. It is like Live television in person. I never realized so many different elements to a TV production it blew my mind how much goes into a TV Show while in a live television studio. Also they had a camera on a arm, like a boom arm on a microphone in a radio station studio but it was cool and they always did a test just before and swung it around. They had the audience coordinator talk to us, give us the ground rules, we couldn't take pictures or have our phones out to be on social media. I understand why, because they do not want to have spoilers out there and there has been moments it's happened and even when I was still here, I found it online which made me really mad to see em spoiling. 

              Arisa came out and we started it.. There was one eviction my friend Dave and I had to move to the middle and that was when Erica got evicted from the house and we had front. One thing I like about Arisa, she is very interactive with the fans in the studio and social media as well which is amazing and the stories she tells us during in the eviction but you have to go to one to experience it for yourself. The length of the eviction lasts up to 2.5 to 3 hours as they gotta edit the episode for a few hours later and have it up. Also I may as well note this but I have been to the premiere too and it's longer but still a lot of fun. We have breaks between shooting that is when Arisa will interact or the audience coordinator will come back out. Also we get to see live what is going on in the house at the time and the strategy talk that is happening as well. Yes we got to see the person behind Marsha the Moose but SHES A SECRET! Lol. I think I covered everything without giving away too much things but I highly recommend to go out to an eviction it is really a lot of fun and trust me I will be going to an eviction next year again.


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