Monday, November 19, 2018

The CBOTW Show Programming Changes....

         This afternoon I made some major changes in the way things are done on Chris B On The Web. After studying my analytics for Last Man Standing, they were low and I just started to finally think clearly that maybe I need to make a change with this podcast now before my Podcast completely fails. What change you may be asking well, The CBOTW Show podcast is no longer covering Last Man Standing with Tim Allen Starring in the TV show as the numbers wasn't doing as well as Power Rangers Podcasts or Music City wasn't doing too well so I needed to make this change now before things get even worse for the podcast and it is my decision and my decision alone to make and don't forget this podcast is fairly new and still seeing what works and doesn't work on The CBOTW Show so I am still trying to get it to work properly and I am getting views on the platform even through Castbox and Stitcher just think you guys are not interested in those podcasts so it is easy for me to stop creating those now  then keep on going and have no viewers anymore. I got other ideas in my head that will work and I will explain some of it now. If Hell's Kitchen comes back for a 19th Season I will be taking on the Recaps for that show and i have done it before in the past and has been worked in the past for me it can work for me again. Originally those Recaps were under Everything About Reality TV but then I am planning on moving this one down the long road. 

              Also one other thing I would like to add to the list is that both Larry and I are planning to stop the Power Rangers Podcasts after Dino Thunder as he has not really gotten into the other episodes so I have spoken to him yesterday after the movie that we will be stopping after Dino Thunder and it is understandable it wasn't overly great but that doesn't mean I am going to stop anytime soon because I plan on watching it on my spare time to see what it is like and i plan on watching Samurai and the later seasons which are more recent to Jason David Frank, Catherine Sunderland, Steve Cardenas and a few different Mighty Morphin characters and previous seasons so either way I will be caught up with all seasons since Mighty Morphin. Those are the few changes and changes to happen over the next year and a half at the most. I think I am making the right choices and hope you all understand the position I was in to make this sudden change with The CBOTW Show. 


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