Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of The Grindewald Movie Review! (Some Spoilers!)

            Yesterday I got to see Fantastic Beasts Crimes of The Grindewald with my good friend Larry which got my head thinking there was a bunch of references to the Harry Potter Movies that came out before and I know JK Rowling was involved with the movie and found out it was a book originally which now I will have to go through reading the books now that I have seen the movie with Larry so it makes complete and utter sense to me how the storyline goes and I just found about it weeks before thanks to Larry not TELLING me about it sooner. So back to the Harry Potter References that were made in the movie, the first one was Albus Dumbledore who we know by now was the Head Master of Hogworts School and Magical and Wizardry. This brings me to my next Harry Potter reference is Hogwarts which is seen in several scenes through the middle to the end of the movie which is odd seeing the castle again but that really put a smile on my face as I can recognize the rivers from the movies that I have seen and of course the castle itself. Also the mention of Professor McGonagall was mentioned and we seen her briefly walking around in the hall there.  Finally I found out Dumbledore was a Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher.

             Overall the movie was good, really did enjoy it, however I was confused at points of the movie but then it suddenly clicked in as we got further in the movie how the story line went and I recognized some of the spells that were used back in the Harry Potter books and Movies as well. I like the fact they used the old castle aka Hogwarts from Harry Potter movies and also one other recognized name as well. It was well put together and soon as the movie ended I realized I think there will be another movie down the road and both Larry and I agreed there will be another movie but I just read up there will be exactly 5 videos coming out according to JK Rowling interview I read online and it is easy to Google and find on the internet as well. We both enjoyed the entire movie and I can only speak for myself not Larry but he is more then welcome to do a movie review himself of the movie on this blog post as I totally forgotten he has the privilege to post up on here as well. I hope you guys enjoyed this review and I tried to not spoil all of the movie but I made a few references in the movie but without spoiling the entire movie. If you have seen the movie what did you guys think of the movie yourself? Let me know in the comments below!


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