Sunday, November 18, 2018

Got To Meet Big Brother Canada 6 Houseguests!

           Yesterday, I got to go to Toronto and meet former houseguests from Big Brother Canada, Season 6. Now the train trip was a bit rocky at first we got to the Oshawa Go Station, we were told the train isn't running from here till 10:41 am which really ticked me the heck off. So we were shuttled to Whitby and we got there and we missed the train and I was pissed the heck off at the point I just wanted to go home but was worth all the stress getting there. The bus driver was going to drive us all the way to Union Station if he had to but ended up shuttling us to Pickering to catch the train which we did and we were finally on our way into Toronto. Even my friend Dave called Go Transit all pissed off too. I even threatened to email Go Transit but that never even happened. 

              We got there and had to walk 20 minutes to where we were meeting the houseguests. We got there we first met Andrew, Olivia, Erica, Maddy and Veronica which they were all nice and very interactive and we got to mingle with them and talk to them. We talked to Erica, Andrew a lot too. We even mentioned the Kars on King here to Andrew and he will definitely check it out if he has the time which is cool. I told him I worked at the event as a volunteer. Anyways we were there for about 2 hours and had a good time. We even got to talk to Trevor one of the Producers of the show so i got an selfie with him too! Pretty incredible experience for me as a super fan and a podcaster which that was brought up once during that. I even pulled out my CBOTW Tags ha-ha! So much for undercover work for this blog post today.  Yes I was under cover but hey may as was promote myself while I'm out and next year I will have fully updated links to everything especially now that collabs are now The CBOTW Show Podcast. 

              Anyways we had a good time, we were a little cranky in finding a place to eat and the place we originally going to go to we decided to not do it as it was a 20 minute walk from where we were, but after quite a search we found a place to go for lunch and we used the self order screen to order our food which was easier at McCafe at Union Station and if you are wondering what I had it was a Grilled Cheese Sandwich on Multi Grain which was delicious which I had two food reviews for you this week McCafe and Timmies Waffle Breakfast Sandwich which will be coming out at some point during the week when I got time to sit down and do the full review but overall such a fun and exciting day for the both of us! 


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