Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Chris B On The Web Turns 4 Today!

            Today I never thought I would reach this far but today Chris B On The Web turns 4 years old and I cannot believe it's 4 now. Time has gone so fast, 4 years ago yesterday was officially the last day The Video Projects Team ever existed as a team. That is not what this post is about today today marks 4 years since being on my own with very, very minimal help, yes I am referring to my other 2 stooges, Justin & Larry.. lol... But I really appreciated their help, Larry with the camera work, Justin whom did a lot of the behind the scenes work of The Entertainment Man Talk Show with the set which I used a heck of a lot more space down here then I do to this actual day where I am using a very small space for my studio for both of my Podcasts. It is so amazing! Just to see the change and revolution of the studio space I got down here and see how things have progressed over the years.  I remember the set picture that was never used for Season 7 of The Entertainment Man Talk Show which we never saw a 7th season as it was short lived due to Staff walking out on me out of nowhere. 

             Bringing to the current day where I am into the Podcasting scene now and it is just so incredible how things have changed over the years and excited for the future as 2019 will be interesting indeed. I just got news too which I will tell you guys in time as well. It has been an adventure and a half and plenty of stuff coming in the near future, I have planned especially with a certain channel of mine on Twitch, hint, hint double hint I could stream some of the podcasts again. I will discuss my ideas soon on a future blog down the road maybe by the weekend or so but need to do some testing. Finally here is to many more years as today we celebrate CBOTW's 4 years on the world wide web  and I am looking forward to many more years running and operating Chris B On The Web. It isn't over and nobody is going to stop me from being successful as I have gained a lot of ground in the last 8 months or so with podcasts and additions to the site, changes are not done yet and I will be explaining in due time what other changes and trust me I am not going to wait till  New Year like I was going to. Once again Happy Birthday Chris B On The Web, here is to many more years together! 


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