Thursday, January 13, 2022

Weren't Expecting To Record This Week and Goal Changes!

                     My goals this week has changed so much from finishing up RPM to working on a website since I am now involved with another website build and now having to record another podcast thanks to Larry throwing in his own little twist into this week on me LOL! I say it in a funny way cause expect the unexpected with him. Half the time I do not know what he will throw at me and yes we weren't expecting to record this week but hey this puts us far ahead of schedule and to be honest it's a nice change from being behind schedule to be honest! Last year was about us being so far behind schedule the fall we recorded so much I couldn't think and I still can't think straight as my brain is continously on the go and I am always doing something with my spare time which I have a lot of time on my hand right now with being in a semi lockdown  situation at this moment. Also made major changes to the studio prior to the recording tonight so making changes quite quickly.

                   Goals can change on a dime and I know that from past experience things change  quickly especially for ChrisBOnTheWeb whether it's a studio change, production setup change or goals to get certain tasks, it's called priorities and what I mean by this is sometimes you have to do what is most important and that has to be done first especially if you have a deadline like I have at this moment, you gotta prioritize what needs to be done first and this is when a list whether it is on your computer, in your book or sticky notesas I have in front of me at all time. Anyways that is my post for today, thanks for reading and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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