Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year! The Big Plan for 2022!

             First of all Happy New Year everyone, Happy 2022! Brand new year is here and big plans for 2022! I am not going to delay on this whatsoever so let's get into this:

Blog: Blogs are returning with weekend blog posts from time to time. With the return of events slowly but surely, I will be doing special weekend posts from time to time, not all the time. This remedies for the events side of things. Monday through Thursday will be a normal topic and Fridays the usual End of The Week Updates. Nothing I did previously is going to change just adding in the sporadic blogs on weekends and you never know this could be the return of blogs on weekends perhaps?

Entertainment Man Podcast: The podcast is back with a brand new season with interviews added into the podcast every 2nd week. Now as I said it will not always be every 2nd week, I am sure there will be quiet weeks with no interviews. I have 4 with 3 booked out of the 4. Either way excited to be back with a full 50 weeks of podcasts. Also the return of the YouTube especially for this podcast so it will be interesting how people will accept the podcast onto the platform as it was on there originally but stopped after a while.

Power Rangers Collab: Brand new year, new start. February will be new episodes covering the seasons but this month will be a special podcast talking about the return of Lord Zedd and also talk about Adam Park from Mighty Morphin being the next mentor. 

Collabs: This year I hope to put in two podcasts that has nothing to do with Power Rangers Collab Podcast. Meaning I thinking about Home Alone 1 & 2 Podcasts and excited to say I hope it will happen this year but we'll see.

             That is what is up for 2022 and excited for this year what is planned for the podcasts and content in general. I am not 100% sure on events fully returning to the website as part of the content but we will wait and see. Again, Happy New Year and let's make this the best year for ChrisBOnTheWeb &!


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