Friday, December 31, 2021

2021 Year In Review!

                   This year has been the worse year ever in the history of all years! Evidently the last 2 years has been horrible, from the pandemic and shutdown of this studio to my Senior Producer and Co-Host of Power Rangers Collab Podcast to stupid drama and accusations against me and hosts or co-hosts not pulling their weight. It hasn't been the greatest year and I wish I did Entertainment Man Podcast right from January 2021 to now. that is how things should of been none of this back and forth garbage. I know my plan for 2022 moving forward and I will talk about it tomorrow or on New Years Day what the big plans for the blog, website and podcasts are. I need to learn to not give 100 chances and keep letting people back. Trust me in 2022, I am going to be a different person all together.  One thing that was also tough for me is getting back on the right track for Power Rangers Collab and pretty much defeated that feat this year and overcame a  lot of obstacles this year Larry and I.

                  Another thing this year has proven for me is how successful Entertainment Man Podcast has become in a very short time and proven to be a ton better then The CBOTW Show is or ever was as a show as most of the shows in that podcast the feed was either lost or deleted due to accusations against me and didn't want the individual on the website no more so I erased everything The CBOTW Show and all trace of what was recorded this year is now gone and never will see it back. What I am looking forward to this upcoming year is no more drama anymore, continuing on with both of the podcasts which again I will get into tomorrow on New Years to what is planned. Anyways please be safe tonight and ring in the New Year safely and I will talk to you all tomorrow on a special bonus blog on a Saturday.




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