Thursday, December 30, 2021

Interesting and Dramatic Week For Me!

                 This post was completely scrapped and changed around this post as this week has been very dramatic and with me second guessing myself with the YouTube situation. Now mind you, those who have seen my posts about the YouTube drama as you know I was shadow banned, which is where you get banned without notice nothing. It said channel doesn't exist when it was clearly there as it was listed on my list of channels. You can imagine the stress of getting it ready to go for January 9th and preparing for the podcast to return to Video as it was on video for a while.  Mind you I didn't break any terms of service but I can say I can put this behind me and move forward with all the plans. Myself and my team continue to prep and we have a bit of extra help with ideas and getting things set. I still have to record a trailer for 2022 and get a new editing software if I need to do some editing for the podcast the start and finish cuts as there will or be some dead air at the start as I wanna  make sure it is quality. 

                   This week I also have struggled to get going on the next collab and maybe I need to wait till Monday to start working on it and take the rest of this week to finish up the smaller projects at hand. Plus recording my first video for which can be only found and that I want to release January 1st, yes Saturday but I need to put up the other snowflakes up so it could be another week for me say the lease as I also have to get editing software as I said and I got Best Buy gift card so I can get one and the upcoming New Year, I'll make the effort to get one for myself.  Also got myself a Tripod and pop filter for my mic so makes production wise even better for the podcasts and also behind the scenes looks. I can say this tripod also has a piece for the IPhone so I can do streams on Facebook group, Twitter and Instagram pages easier without using my PC and not bogging down the CPU on this soon to be 8 year old computer. However you know I will use my PC from time to time for special occasions and streams. So this week has indeed been interesting with ups and downs but all worth it in the end and excited for what's coming up next! Thanks for reading todays post and I will talk to you guys tomorrow! 


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