Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Gaming Updates [12-29-2021]

                  I have some gaming updates for you all and will be the last one for this year. So I will start with The Binding of Isaac Rebirth. I have beaten Sheold and gotten blood rights achievement unlocked which is awesome to have but that is not all I also unlocked unscarred womb with the alt stage to the womb. Also I unlocked Angel a few weeks back so things are goimg very well for me and this game. I have tried it with Cain and no real luck. I am still working on one of the challenges with Ipecac but again no luck whatsoever but getting closer as I am getting better and I have improved on the game.

              Next up is Minecraft, I got rid of the other world I started after clearing out the entire island, my niece and nephew talked me into bringing back the old server and building  a city around the stuff that we had already. Before we build a city around the stuff we already had, we have already made some adjustments to the world. We rebuilt my nieces house which looks a ton better, redid the entire rail hub which is accessible from the villager area via a ladder. We also have added in villagers door where they can go in and out of the building but cannot wander around beyond one point as that is my property. Also there is a door now from the garden centre to make it more accessible to the farming and animals when we need to. Finally the big project that I have been hinting on Social Media and the brick office building is no more! I have put glass around the building and looks very modern building now and so much better. only walls inside the offices is the middle brick wall between the offices and rest of the walls around are pure tinted dark glass. That is my updates for now, I will talk to you guys tomorrow on another post!


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