Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Keeping Saturday's Open For Special Blog Posts!

                   I know with cases back on the rise 9000 new cases or higher and with me putting events back on the backburner, I am not ruling out Saturday blog posts at all. If something interesting is happening then I can and will do a blog post on Saturday. Schedule for the most part stays the same:

Monday - Thursdays: Normal Topic

Fridays: End of the week updates

Saturdays: Extra blog post 

             Now I am not going to do it every weekend. There is other things I need to do with the other podcasts which does need my attention with other things are around the studio and has more importance. Also I forgot to say this; I have fixed the blog post commenting as it always seems to have ended up in approval but all posts are now approved but myself and my site admin will and can remove posts if it's inappropriate. So keep in mind the Terms of Use which is at the bottom of the blog. So that is the news I have for now that there could be popup blog posts on Saturdays but it depends on what I am doing and if anything interesting to report on the blog here. Until tomorrow's blog post, have a great rest of your Tuesday!


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