Monday, December 27, 2021

Entertainment Man Podcast and Yours Truly Are Coming Back To YouTube!

  This is the announcement you all been waiting for since Friday afternoon/evening when I did that mysterious Facebook Live/Videos on Twitter and Instagram. The title doesn't lie, I am indeed returning to YouTube. I know there is questions about this and I will answer them. 

1) Promotion of the Facebook group: I will not be promoting the Facebook group publicly on YouTube as I do not want trolls on the group whatsoever. Now the Facebook logo will always be there and anyone that comes on the website itself can still join but I will not be making it public on YouTube due to fear of trolls in the group. I could do a fan page but then I'd have to move everyone back over to there technically. 

2) Podcast Schedule:  Schedule as follows: 

Sundays, 1 pm EST: Entertainment Man Podcast  (Regular Podcast Episode, on YouTube & Audio ONLY) 

Every 2nd Thursday, 1 pm EST: Entertainment Man Podcast  (Bonus Podcast Episode, on Audio ONLY) 

3) When is the channel going to be started? January 3rd, 2022. Dedicating my time to creation of the channel and setting it up officially. 

4) What Videos will be made at the start of the creation of the channel? Just the channel trailer to start with 

5) When will the channel link be public to everyone? Hopefully Janaury 3rd, 2022 or Janaury 4th, 2022 at the latest! Also will be under On Demand on the website. 

6) Will there be live streams or premiere's?  No live streaming at the moment and more then likely will not happen anytime soon! Premieres will come later when the channel does grow.

                   There is the basic questions and I will be updating the Q & A section under contact so it reflects what is happening in the coming days as we make this transition to video for the first time in 5.5 years of no YouTube. Anymore questions please ask and I can do another post about it in the near future. I will talk to you all on tomorrow's blog post.


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