Monday, January 3, 2022

Entertainment Man Podcast & Power Rangers Collab Moving Forward!

               As you know, I have returned to YouTube with Entertainment Man Podcast and things are changing quite quickly with ChrisBOnTheWeb. So there are some changes moving forward so here they are schedule wise.

Entertainment Man Podcast: Sundays @ 1 pm EST- Regular Episode (YouTube & Audio ONLY  Platforms) 

                                                  Thursdays @ 1 pm EST- Bonus Episode (Audio ONLY Platforms)

Power Rangers Collab Podcast: 3 Times a year, 2 episodes per session = 6 episodes in total in a year (Audio ONLY & ONLY EXCLUSIVELY On!)

Collaboration Podcasts: Sporadically when up to a non series podcast (Audio ONLY & ONLY EXCLUSIVELY On!)

                There is the schedule moving forward and the platforms the podcast is going to be on moving forward with this collab and I think it's a fair schedule. Reason for Bonus episodes staying Audio ONLY is because I can talk about topics that wouldn't be suitable for YouTube and it's a better fit for it then if both regular and bonus were on YouTube together as a whole.  You guys know the story to why Power Rangers Collab is staying to Audio ONLY as it is more fitting on the site and the website only. That is my post for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this and I will talk to you all in the next post tomorrow.


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