Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Changing Up My Strategy With Things....

                     Like the game of Big Brother, expect the unexpected. This week has been full of twists and turns with the content. Now you know exactly what I am doing this week with recently knowing that I am back in production with Larry this week which I wasn't expecting this whatsoever as Larry threw in his own twist on things and I was expecting 2 weeks Thursday as I originally had planned out with Larry as he didn't know but hey sooner the better honestly this way we can have a break and with that as I said on social media today is that I will hold onto the podcast and when I am ready to edit then I can edit it and it shouldn't be a very long podcast not as long as a regular episode so. Also Entertainment Man Podcast I changed the schedule for the interview was I was afraid I wasn't going to get Amy's website done in time but remember the podcast comes out once a week and I have days to finish up the website as she doesn't want it too complicated which is fine with me but I am doing a basic website and as you know sites take a while to build and put together. Between that editing the podcast which I worked late last night on it then on the collab but I have changed the strategy up.

                     What I am trying to say is sometimes you gotta change up your startegy when it comes to whatever you are working on whether it is a project or content of any sort, sometimes you gotta change up your strategy and that is OK. Whatever helps right? I can say it is very interesting how many moving elements is going on right now. Here I was settling down on my schedule and moving onto Samurai which was thrown on the shelf temporarily while I work on other things but this is where the sticky notes comes into play and I can make a list of of what has to be done and I highly recommend using sticky notes whether it is on the computer with the app or just sticky notes in general it does help. Anyways that is my post for today, thanks for reading I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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