Thursday, January 6, 2022

Do I Ever Think Power Rangers Collab Will Slow Down At This Point?

                 That is a great question to start today's post and the answer to that is HECK NO! Lol. There is no slowing down on this podcast as we have this year and next year guaranteed with this podcast. It isn't over yet and you guys can tell as this year is jammed packed with episodes. The one off is weeks away from being recorded, still gotta work on editing RPM which is on the backburner for a bit now. Also Samurai and Super Samurai is coming up as well so there is a jammed packed next month and a half. Plus I am not sure if there will be an anniversary podcast this year but most likely next year as next year marks this podcast's 5th Anniversary on the year, which is truly amazing how long it's been running for this long and continues on with this crazy journey. The June recording with  Megaforce and Super Megaforce podcast then Dino Charge and Super Dino Charge in October. So plenty of podcasts to be done this year and excited for this year! I know I have spoke about this many times but this is more of an update.

                   There is no slowing down, that is definitely not in our vocabulary right now lol and I know I joke around about this cause this podcast doesn't seem to have end date and we were expecting Power Rangers to stop with new seasons but that doesn't seem the case. So we're not going to say anything but keep reporting news and keep you guys in the loop as we continue on. I believe we are good till 2024 but could be further with this and don't forget we have one offs but we're on 10 year seasons right now but getting closer and closer with getting to the most recent seasons. Either way plenty of content coming just stay tuned and don't forget we have a backup plan incase we slow down. That is my post for today, I will talk to you guys tomorrow, thanks for reading the blog post and enjoy the rest of your Thursday.


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