Monday, January 31, 2022

Advice To Getting Your Computer To Run Faster

               Mind you, I am no computer expert, but as you know I have had my share of computer problems recently but I since removing a ton of things off my PC meaning programs that I never used anymore and boy it took me a while to take things. I can say for crying out loud I still had Discord and XSplit programs on my computer which is nuts. It was quite a surprise to be quite honest programs that I wasn't aware of whatsoever I still had from the past but in the end I found it that my computer has officially gotten a bit speedier and yes it still slows down and remember it is an older or oldish computer now more like 8 years and it has done a lot so I have a lot to be thankful for with this PC, it has worked countless hours, running almost 24 hours a day with the occasional nights off. 

                So the best advice I can give is clean out your PC get an external hard drive or USB drive and store some of your pictures or videos or audio on there. More you store away the better it is when it comes to the speed of your computer. I can also recommend to run your programs on your computer for anti virus and Disk defrag which is a huge thing but it is very important to run the programs once a week to ensure that you keep the computer speedy and fast. Again I know I am not a computer expert but that is the advice that I know of that can help you guys and it is important to make sure  you run all your programs to keep your computer and healthy. I regret to say I do not but starting to take care of it more as much as possible. That is my post for today and I will talk to you guys tomorrow as always! 


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