Friday, January 28, 2022

End of The Week Updates [01-28-2022]

                  Another week has gone by for the ChrisBOnTheWeb Community and it is time for another update on things that have been going on in this community. Anyways here are the updates for the end of this week:

Website: Both Entertainment Man Podcast have been  listed under On Demand and The CBOTW Show has been removed as we are only focusing on Audio ONLY  for that podcast as I have one channel already. The CBOTW Show has been listed for Audio ONLY but is not yet active as of yet.

The CBOTW Show: At this point I am done with editing the intros on Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and the Audio ONLY feed and now uploading daily and it will take a full 20 days to get all 20 episodes up including one that isn't been put up yet then we will be ready for new content to come to those feeds.

                   That is about it for  updates this week as I covered a ton of stuff earlier this week with The CBOTW Show and as for Entertainment Man Podcast all going good with the podcast, I continue to record 1 - 2 episodes a week, depending on the schedule which this week there was 2 in total.  My team and I will continue to keep you guys up to date with the news on The CBOTW Show and what we have planned moving forward. In the meantime stay safe, stay home, have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you all Monday.


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