Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Updates and 2020 Plans!

              So both Billy and I may have overthought things with the Hell's Kitchen and that is why the announcement video disappeared and we are not doing it but never know Billy could come in to replace me if I needed to but I doubt it I am indeed here to stay on the podcast! Anyways 2020 I do have some plans in-stored for the podcast and excited to be expanding my horizons. What do I mean? Well come next year I will not be doing as many recaps as I normally do and stepping down from them to let someone else host it. However what shows will I remain covering? Here is the list of the shows I will be covering:

I, Chris will be covering on the Podcast:


Amazing Race

Amazing Race Canada 

                 Yes that is right I am going down to 3 shows which means I'd be podcasting twice a week at the most and it will ease down the stress levels for me. I will be talking about the audition video process and what you need to do for the audition later on. Right now I am still focused on the 11th season and with the 12th season beginning in nearly a month from now it is going to be an crazy transition from one season to another. There is obviously shows that are missing and I will get into it in a moment. I have been doing this podcast for nearly 4 years now and almost on it's 12th season which is a whirlwind of feelings for me to be this far into the podcast and it sure has been a long winding road for me to still be going strong even to this day, I have you guys to thank for that to keep on listening into the podcast on a weekly basis whether it is Survivor, Big Brother, Big Brother Canada, Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada or Music City. Anyways here are the list of the shows that are going to be open for audition soon:

Recaps I Need To Fill:

- Big Brother Canada Season 8 & Big Brother 22 (I will be asking the host that is picked for BBCAN8 back for BB22 if they want to continue on with it.)

                 Finally this is a huge move for me and I am very excited to bring on someone new to the podcast but if I do not get any response for it then, I will be continuing on with the Big Brother Recaps but I will be definitely be looking for someone to take over and really working hard but I need to figure out the logistics behind as it is remaining Audio ONLY but more to come. When I say someone is taking over it, I mean completely! I will have nothing to do with those recaps. I will be primarily focusing on the podcasts I am doing above! Cannot wait to make this transition. It is change but good change! 


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