Wednesday, August 7, 2019

I Have To Work On My Patience and Problem Solve Better

              There is a certain level I can tolerate with my patience level but if my patience is pushed then you will see a side of me that you do not want to say. Yes I am speaking about the future of Power Rangers Podcast, there will be 2 different press releases eventually and I am just not ready to announce it publicly as of yet. Yes my patience has been tested with the future of the Power Rangers Podcast however, things changed very, very quickly and again I am just eager to announce it eventually. However I still have to work on my patience but honestly I feel like it is getting better, however, some things I can and cannot tolerate and what I honestly think, there is a certain extent to where the patience will not be as patient if that makes any sense to you honestly. Let me put it this way, if it goes beyond my patience then there is nothing I can really do. There is hell to pay and that has been shown in the past from the Power Rangers Podcast to dealing with my phone company well that really pushed me over the edge and trust me you didn't wanna hear the language out of my mouth last night. I had quite the sailors mouth as the saying goes but there is a certain level, I need to watch my P's and Q's tho as that could and can get me and my mouth into trouble. Anyways I should of not lost my cool because I wasn't patient enough to fix the issue with charger which I have now replaced but one other unit the plug itself has to be replaced. I should of been a bit more patient and not take it out on them. Anyways moving forward I need to problem solve before going nuts on someone.

                 There is a bit more to work in the way of patience and also problem solving but I can be honest I have gotten indeed better at problem solving now but just gotta keep it up. I cannot back down on improving myself from here on out, just gotta keep working hard to better myself as a human being and I know it takes time and it cannot happen overnight technically but in time it will definitely happen. The problem solving I do find myself doing a lot more of and it is getting better but still needs some work. However my patience with the podcast has gotten better and gotten patient with the editing side of things but sometimes the technical side of things are not great from time to time but able to trouble shoot the problem.   Working hard to these goals and know if I keep my mind in the game, I can do it.


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