Sunday, September 20, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [09-20-2020]

            It is that time of the week again for another update. Another crazy week and let me say this: Give Chris a break. he is trying to create quality content for you guys and you tell him to do better content when he's trying his darnest to actually give you guys good content. We will ban trolls for disrespect and I was trashed talked in the last day or two and it is not tolerated honestly and we have to start putting our foot down and not afraid to ban if we have to and we will warn but honestly it doesn't seem to help sometimes. Anyways to the updates:

Website- Stream page has been removed as we are continuing on with the Audio ONLY side of things and wanna focus on Audio ONLY which is a ton better then Video and we have been told or Chris has been told we get a ton more views. Another thing you guys say we don't get views when the website and the podcasts are getting ton of views so people clearly do care and listen to our stuff. 

Power Rangers Podcast- The next recording of the podcast is scheduled for October sometime as Chris has to type up Wild Force still as it was put on hold recently but he will get it done soon I'm sure.  He also has to get to Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder for December so he can start the next phase if they chose to renew which he addressed it physically yesterday after the convo him and Larry. He didn't say much but has hinted things but he's being super weird with the plans with it at this point. 

             That is really is much it for updates. Not much to say or update for you guys and I had to vent on some trolling recently but we will not tolerate that and we are going to be careful and keep an eye out on the fan page and like I said if we have to warn people and/or ban them, we will but we will give a 2 warnings before a ban but those are the updates for the week and I will be speaking to you guys next weekend. Have a great week in the meantime.

Jim, CBOTW Community Manager

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