Saturday, September 19, 2020

Larry and I Been Joking Around and Updates!

           I had to share this as you know we're now in negotiations for a Renewal for Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and Larry had to make a stupid joke that we will still be doing this when we're 80 years old! I know we are making stupid jokes about ourselves but hey like he said as long as we're having fun with the series and talking about it that is what really matters.  You guys probably wondering are we getting close to a renewal? Well not yet. We have spoken about it recently this week and it is in the back of our minds at this point but we are having fun with the fact with in our 30's or late 30's talking about Power Rangers and there will always be some kind of series we will always be talking about I'm sure. By the sounds of the renewal I think it's gonna happen, I have a funny feeling it's gonna happen sooner or later and we will see us continuing on with this amazing series.  As Larry and I mentioned it is little early to be making this decision as we still got 3 more episodes to go before end of our agreement once again and this would make this the second agreement we have made so we will have to make a decision before December whether we are going to continue on and I think we will. 

              I have a feeling it is in the back of our mind it will be renewed and we will be indeed back to recording Power Rangers Podcast in February 2021 even if we end up still stuck with doing it through Skype at this point. I am good doing it through Skype at this point and one of these days we will be both back in studio recording the podcast at some point when this pandemic gets at ease and under control once we get a vaccine for it. Anyways I want this to continue even during this pandemic and I know it is not the same doing this via Skype but what other choice do we have. So yes both Larry and myself have talked about the future of the collaboration podcast and it will happen when the time is right but at this moment I do not think it is the appropriate time and we just need to focus on finishing these up but we continue to negotiate and we both thank you guys for your continuing love and support through email that you would like  to see us continue this collab and please keep telling us you'd like to continue to hear the podcast, anything helps us. 


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