Friday, September 29, 2023

End of The Week Updates [09-29-2023]

               Another crazy week has concluded and first big update is Chris is no longer doing end of the week updates and I will be taking over the reigns each and every week to lower down the stress levels he is going through. He's been extremely busy with both Entertainment Man Podcast and The CBOTW Show plus getting Power Rangers underway he's just been super, super busy behind the scenes. Yes he has been online along with myself and even Larry are working non stop to get things done. 

             The Discord Team has been keeping an eye on things while our team have been working constantly behind the scenes as Chris stated it is all hands on deck right now as both Chris and Larry want to finish up Power Rangers so they can prepare to finish up with Season 30 in 2024 as that is the plan. I know in January, Chris is preparing to work on Ghostwriter series from the 1990's as a nostalgia for both Chris and Larry growing up. So again, it is all hands on deck, we have Power Rangers wrapping up, 10th anniversary planning going on. Filming 5 min segments from The Entertainment Man Talk Show, so we are a very busy team. That is the updates for today, did them a bit different from how Chris does it. Have a great weekend and I will talk to you at the end of next week!


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