Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Notice YouTube Views Are Down Certain Months...

             I know there is certain months that Entertainment Man Podcast loses views. Now before I get into the details this is only on YouTube as Rumble has been doing just fine so far so good at this moment. Now Entertainment Man Podcast has done well between 20 - 40 views per episode on YouTube but noticed there is a few months where it kind of goes dead quiet.January and February the views are down where I get at least 8 - 15 views compare to normally well the last episode really sucked and I dont think I did anything wrong but I think I could of missed the mark on the episode as I went off tangent. However January is a depressing month for a lot of us and I know I usually get the January blues around this time of the year and yeah it's dragged me down or starting to where depression is happening and no clue why I need to be depressed started this year off really, really strong!

           Now Mid June into July views seem to go down and I know it has to do with people going away but I can see more July as people are going away on vacation and people want to be outside so it is truly understandable. I'm not honestly complaining actually. I just find it interesting that those are the times that my podcast seems be down in views. But I cannot compare Rumble yet till I know for sure till Rumble gets to the 1 year mark, but will be an interesting comparison. Anyways that is the blog for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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