Saturday, May 26, 2018

Toronto Blue Jays Rant for the Week

           Ok, time for a rant blog, not on any person in particular but the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team... Man this is one frustrating season for them, but also us the fans, the die hard fans. You want to see your team do very well, yes but don't forget the team has to have to have a stage in a season where they have to rebuild the team and yes we have had 2 amazing seasons. Players get older and slowing down, it is time to get younger players who can help us win games and hopefully a World Series. I know its been 20 odd years since our last world series victory! I am trying to be sensible in my post today and I am trying to lighten the mood with the fans as yes this is not the easiest season for us as we have no Bautisa, Tuloliski is still gone, we are up in arms of injuries this season, it doesn't help us whatsoever with us being successful. But these guys when they want to win they can win.

            However, yes there is an however to this post. Every time we are in the lead like last night we had a 6 - 1 Lead, but soon as the relief pitching came in, all hell broke loss, we started losing the lead, 6 - 3, 6 - 4, 6 - 5. Of course we managed to squeak in the win but I believe the bullpen is one of the key problems we have on the team, but not only the bullpen, it's our starters are having some problems this season, Estrada, Sanchez and why in the freakin world would they put in Biagini?! For crying out loud, haven't they learned he seems to screw things up for them. Honestly the trade Lirano for him was the biggest mistake they management made. I so wanna make a petition to get him the heck off the Jays ASAP... Happ and this new guy they got Sam Gaviglio whom they got in the trade, now they have done well it's the other starters. Honestly there will definitely be room for changes to be made in the very nearby future. 

             Finally, I think it is just time to finally trade Tulowitzki as he's been injured in the past year and I think he will not be back anytime soon. They said hes coming back but he is still not back... Feel like if there are non stop injuries maybe it is just time to trade or release players that are starting to drag the team down? It is just food for thoughts. What are your thoughts on how the Blue Jays are doing? Let me know in the comments below!


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