Friday, May 25, 2018

Explanation of The Website Gone Completely Down...

 have been dreading this for the last couple of days due to the fact the site is entirely down and honestly it is very frustrating to have a website that I have completely finished up and it was ready for launch which would of been a week from tomorrow but that is now cancelled, the entire re-launch is cancelled, because my website apparently was suspended without any reason, apparently I abused but no specific reason was given what abuse that I have done with the language was clean, I rarely swear on it... I am completely speechless this has happened and just do not know where to go at this point of time as it is still unknown where my head is at in the way of the website. I mean I could go back to 000webhost which they were loyal service to me and free, even though the website goes down for 1 hour a day and its usually during the night as it is a learners website but don't forget Hostinger and 000webhost are affiliates might be easier to do the transfer over at the end of the year with limited work that needs to be done. 

            Why was it suspended? It is beyond me why that happened and why I ended up being suspended but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel as I do got some news and you guys have to wait till Sunday's post. But yes I feel screwed over, after all the work I put into the site, this is the thanks I get? I was ready to pre launch it sooner then the actual Launch date but that isn't happening anytime soon as like I said the site got suspended and if you actually go to the domain is actually active but no visible site as of yet. So it means the website isn't dead yet and again announcement to come in the next few days with the news I am holding on. As for the suspension, I emailed them, pretty peeved off and told them please do not waste your time and email me back. I didn't abuse the site was not even up fully and 2 I was mad I wasted a month and a half of working on the website. So I have now not heard back from em and really I don't care if I did. I know what you're going to say that's not the right attitude to have, Chris. I agree but I need to do what's best for my website and also make you guys the most amazing Fans in the world happy at the same time. So that is my little bit of bad news and come Sunday I will have the announcement you guys have been waiting on since my absence on social media lately in the last couple of days as I may have not been active much.


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