Thursday, May 24, 2018

Tobermory: The Rough Boat Ride (Throwback Thursday Story)

          This throwback Thursday Story dates back to a few years ago like 2014 maybe 2015 at the most I was on my trip to Tobermory with my dad, so we decided we're going to do our usual and go to Flower Pot Island. Now going to the island the water wasn't rough whatsoever going there and we had a great time at the island but coming back was not nice feeling as it was so much rougher then usual. Now they originally when we got on going there they gave up ponchos to wear so we wouldn't get wet and on the way home, I wore the poncho to ensure I was to remain dry as I had a camera with me, this could of been in the last many months or year as a YouTuber at the time and I was capturing moments of my holiday for the channel.

               The ride back itself was bumpy as ever can be and a lot of splashing into the boat. I had to hold on with dear life to make sure I didn't go over board but I am sure they didn't let that happen to us and make sure we were safe on the trip back to the main land. I thought we were going to be stuck on the island but we probably would end up on a cruise boat as it is bigger and able to handle the waves more then a little Zephyr Zodiac boat as you can see in the picture above. I wasn't dry, I was wet head to two and even my clothes underneath were damp as well so it wasn't a pleasant feeling of being wet from this but it was an adventure and a half that I will never forget. It was a fun day regardless of the rough water.


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